Monday, July 5, 2010


This is a photo that I took on our lastest outing to P.J.Hoffmaster State Park, our very favorite mini-vacation.  There's something magical to me about the beach.  When our lives can be reduced to only sand and water and the big, huge sky, the insignificance of ourselves takes over, and we realize that were are mere Human Beings.  It's such an existential, zen moment, to realize that we all came from one place, and if we could only TRY to simple it up, how much happier we would be.  These seagulls are just being seagulls.  That is all.  With that affirmation, I find it very comforting that all we really have to be is ourselves.  If, and when, we have the courage to do so, life falls perfectly into place, in just the perfect sequence.  Just be.

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