Monday, July 5, 2010

I have become an accidental vegetarian...

Not for any type of animal rights, not for the environment, not for any specific reason, besides, the thought of eating flesh really disgusts me.  And I don't kill things.  Anything.  No, I will not even kill a spider.  SO...gradually, meat has disappeared from my plate.  I've reaped many benefits, one being this glorious grain, Quinoa.  I made this salad for dinner last night, and am enjoying it today for lunch:
The recipe is quite simple, prepare your Quinao (pronounced "KEEN-WA"), add fresh, finely chopped veggies...( I used tomatoes, cukes peppers, fresh basil, and finely chopped fresh garlic), and toss in a lemon juice, olive oil, s&p dressing.  DELICIOUS.  And, Quinoa is a complete protein!  WIN WIN!

We are very fortunate to work at the Lansing City Market, the produce and information there is just so bountiful!  My next "Martha Stewart" endeavor will be preserving, canning, freezing and trying to save as many of these delicious, organic fruits and vegetables, so that we can enjoy them over the winter months!

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