Tuesday, July 26, 2011


One of my very best friends who is a sister to me sent me this video.  She knows me so well!  I'm going to park it here on my blog so that I'll always have it, and it won't get lost, and because I NEED this. Check this out. 

Vases, Vases, Vases!

Imagine my delight when I opened my kiln this morning to find this precious baby waiting for me!

I couldn't wait to share this, so i just sat it on my dining room table and snapped a quick photo!

Then, I ran back down to my studio and began the process of another one!  Haha! I'm on a kick, I suppose.

It's been so nice to be feeling well enough again to regain my creativity.  Back surgery is NOT for wussies! :)

Blessings always.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drape Vases!

I do believe that this is my favorite color combination!  PEACOCK colors!  

This is a fused glass drape vase that I allowed to drape freeform.  As a glass artist, sometimes I have to let the glass be the boss most of the time.  When your medium is liquid, like glass, that's the rule.

I'm rarely disappointed, however.  I couldn't have created something this lovely intentionally.  Glass is magic.

Annnnnddddddddd.......off to the gallery for this baby, too!

Poppies! A Fused Glass Drop Vase

Truly, after all these years, you would think I would stop acting like an 8 year old girl when I open my kiln but...this just turned out so lovely.

This is a fused glass drape vase.  A square of glass is cut and designed, then laid over a mold and very carefully fused.  I could not have asked any more of this glass.  It performed perfectly, and now, off it goes to the gallery!  

OOOH, glass....how I love thee...

Aaaaand...she's off! 

Back surgery is NO FUN!  BUT.  Recovery, and the gratitude that accompanies, is tremendous.  

I returned a phone call today from one of my longtime wholesale customers, a gallery that I've worked with for YEARS...and guess what...she ordered ONE HUNDRED of my Tree of Life Pendants!  

I'm SO excited!  

These types of orders give me affirmation as an artist!  YAY!

Thursday, July 14, 2011



After an agonizing 3 months in bed with a completely jacked up back, and then ANOTHER 3 months of recovery, I've finally regained my mojo!  

As I write, I have a gorgeous piece of glass in my kiln, slumping into a vase, so SO excited.  Creativity is such a strange thing.  After 6 months away, I'm finding my designs taking on a whole new look...also VERY exciting!  

Stay tuned...it's going to be fab.