Friday, August 6, 2010

Square Peg / Round Hole.

And, so, here we are, at the beginning of August, time for football season to begin.  My son wants to play football, which is a pretty big deal with someone with Autism. 

The simple act of picking up his gear was overwhelming and scary for him, the noises, the coaches, the kids running all about.  The sports physical sent him right into his shell.  He lost his papers.  I became frustrated.  He cried in the car.  I cried in my room.
So, here we go.  6th Grade.  A young adult, who, only a few months ago, learned how to tie his shoes.  BUT...he can solve math equations in his head,  he knows every baseball and football stat you can imagine.  He knows, and charted the weather for four consecutive years.  He wants to play football with his classmates.

Do they view him as a "classmate?"  I don't know, but he is MY SON. 

And, until I take my last breath, I will continue to advocate on his behalf, hold his sobbing body, smile and tell him it will all be ok, mama's right here...

...and, privately, I will sob.

Can he play football in an organized league?  We will try. 

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