Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Rainbow cupcakes!  These are fun and easy to make if you follow a couple of helpful hints!  REALLY!  They look like a mess, but trust me, if I can do this so can anyone!

First: Use a white cake mix, any type will do, but be sure to not add the egg yolks, egg whites only, we're going for bright, vibrant color here.


Have on hand 6 small (sandwich size) Ziplock will mix your batter and colors in these.

OK....Mix your batter according to the directions on the box.  (these are far from gourmet..if you prefer a homemade from scratch recipe, wellthen rock and roll.)...the kids were fine with the box recipe.

Divide, (we just eyeballed it)...your batter into 6 somewhat equal parts and put them into your Ziplock bags. 

Here's your color recipe:
Purple9 red and 6 blue drops
Blue12 drops
Green12 drops
Yellow12 drops
Orange12 yellow and 4 red drops
Red18 drops

Add to each ziplock bag and squish with your hands....don't worry, this doesn't effect the batter at all,  I was worried, but it didn't.

Using your scissors, cut a wee corner out of each Ziplock bag.

Squeeze just enough batter to cover the bottoms of your lined cupcake pan....keep adding layers until you have used each color, in rainbow careful not to overfill your cupcakes, as I did a few very gentle here, don't disturb the batter at will end up with mud cupcakes, not rainbow cupcakes, and that would be tragic.

Bake according to package directions....voila. 

Frost with your choice of frosting, we chose vanilla with sprinkles and they turned out darling.

Have fun with this!  We sure did,  We'll be making these again for sure!



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