Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slam Poetry.

Lashes Of Life

The lashes of life you may not see
Just by looking at me

I have hid the emotional scars deep within
And I have pretended my tears were diamonds

My mother beat me most of the time with an invisible whip
made with hurtful words that cut deep

But no one read the abusive signs
I carried like chains

When she thought I hadn't suffered enough
She beat me with anything close to her hands

And each time when she finally let me go I ran
Hoping to find a way of escape

No matter my childhood age
I was a frightened child

For I lived in the devil's rage
Even now that I am a grown woman

That frightened child lives within me
But I hide her so the world will not see
What a "Mother" did to her

When my mother died

People wondered why I hardly cried
I, and the child within me watched
as mother was lowered in her deep dark grave
And I knew she would never again
Hurt the little child within me.

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